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St. Patrick's Day Menu

National Restaurant Consultants shares how to dress up your menus with the luck o' the Irish

By Sarah Ann Noel - March 13, 2018

By the luck o' the Irish, St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday this year, and in Denver, that's a big deal. From Kegs + Eggs to the parade downtown, Denver--and Boulder, alike--loves to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. (If you're in Colorado, here is a list of all the festivities going on this weekend.) For our friends and clients not in the Denver area, this green-hued holiday is a great chance to offer up some fun specials and draw in a new crowd.

Here are some easy ideas for a St. Patrick's Day menu:
  1. Green Beer. It really is as simple as green food coloring. Make sure to use a light beer and drop a few drops of green food coloring into a frosty pint glass first. Then pour in the beer for the perfect green. Of course, if your guests aren't looking for shamrock pours, consider a different Irish-inspired drink special; whiskey drinks and Irish coffees are a great place to start. (Of course, to be authentic, you'll need an Irish whiskey, like Jameson; but we are pretty partial to the Colorado brands we mentioned in a previous post, too.)
  2. Traditional Irish fare. The Food Network has a great gallery of all the dishes guests will be searching for on St. Patrick's Day--corned beef, Irish soda bread, colcannon, shepherd's pies, and stews. 
  3. Quick bites. It's pretty likely you'll have a lot of guests crawling from one restaurant to the next...and, with an emphasis on the drinks on a day like St. Patrick's Day, it is a great idea to have some quick bites available for quick guests. Bar snacks like nuts and popcorn are a great idea; but to turn hoppers into lingerers, consider some themed appetizers. We like this list on the Forkly website.
  4. Sweet treats. Any holiday is a day to celebrate, and this wekeend will be no exception. With guests in a jolly mood, many will likely want to treat themselves. Beer floats are a fun way to tie in dessert to the theme; but with some time on your hands, any of these desserts would be the perfect touch--especially for families trying to find a kid-friendly way to join in the fun. (But here are some good "grown-up" desserts, too.)
Our restaurant consultants are experts in menu development, and we love a reason for a fun theme. If you have questions about your menu or other upcoming special occasions, reach out to a restaurant consultant today!

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash