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Restaurants in Salida

Our restaurant consultants check out some great eats in this thriving southern CO art town

By Sarah Ann Noel - November 27, 2017

Our restaurant consultants in Colorado love being based near the mountains, not just for the beauty, but for all of the small towns tucked into the hills that have much to offer. As Denver continues to grow, there is migration back out of the city and into the quieter places of the mountains--and down south, it's no exception. There has been recent explosion in the growth of Salida, Colorado, a mid-sized town the rests in the valley along the Arkansas River. The proximity to water has always made it ideal for agriculture; but it has long been an artistic destination as well. Coupled with 360-degree mountain views, more and more Coloradoans are flocking to the area, either to live or visit; and as is inevitable with such growth, we're seeing an increase in the food scene. Of course, you can only fit so much into a weekend; but our consultants made the most of the time and visited several restaurants that are popular among tourists and locals alike.

For breakfast, the destination was, without question, the Patio Pancake Place. It loooked like a wait at first, but they move crowds through quickly with large, homecooked portions and no-nonsense wait staff. Another breakfast spot is Little Red Hen Bakery; and not only are the baked goods incredible, the owner is very invested in locally-sourcing and giving back to the community. 

If it's only a coffee you seek, there is Brown Dog Coffee, which is well-known among the southern Colorado towns. Salida's location is cozy and conveniently located in historic downtown. Just around the corner, a newer shop called HOWL serves up Corvus coffee and lots of Colorado-made wares in the storefront. The baristas there are warm and excited to talk about the local scene.

Our restaurant consultants passed the afternoon hours in many of the local boutiques and antique stores, before stopping into Woods Distillery where Salida's mayor-elect first made his name in whiskeys and gins. There are a few small plates available there; but for the town's best charcuterie boards, everyone agrees, head to The Biker and The Baker. They have a hefty wine list there; for beer instead, you can stop into Soulcraft or Amica's. Amica's makes incredible pizzas and other lunch and dinner plates, with a knowledgeable, easy-going staff. Our consultants enjoyed dinner at The Fritz, which is a little more upscale than other options; to go much more casual, there is 50Burger. Great ethnic food options include Little Cambodia and locally-owned Las Camelinas for Mexican.

What quiet gems lie outside your big city? It goes to show, you don't have to be in a densely populated area to make a name for yourself. Let our consultants help you stand out, no matter your location. Contact a restaurant consultant today.