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Restaurant News's "Flavor of the Week"

Small additions and changes that make a big impact on your menus

By Sarah Ann Noel - June 23, 2017

Think one tiny little green or garnish won't make a difference on your plates? Think again!

Restaurant News keeps up with trending menu additions with their "Flavor of the Week" feature. This week, they take a look at arugala--what it is, who knows about it, and how it can change your dishes. 

The feature is one of our restaurant consultants' favorites because it looks at single, easy flavors that matter to those keeping an eye on food trends. Switch out your green side salad for an arugala one, and now each of your sandwich options is a little more on-point. "Flavor of the Week" pinpoints the trends but also breaks down who they are most important to, so you can consider what to take and what to leave for your restaurant. 

It goes to show that menu development rarely has to do with being "all things to all people." The subtlest switch can make all the difference, and make a bolder statement than adding more and more to your menu in an attempt to keep up. Simplicity is key.

Our restaurant consultants are experts in menu development. Often, this is a struggling restaurant's top need--a well formulated menu that focuses on the right things. Contact our consultants today for help with your menu.

Photo by Paul Morris.