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5 Reasons You Need a Restaurant Consultant

Our services are vast, but these are five scenarios you don't want to go alone

By Sarah Ann Noel - May 9, 2017

"I was pretty sure I was a smart restauranteur after having opened 42 [restaurants] in my career," says Shawn Ellis, a National Restaurant Consultants client. "Then I met David and Richard from NRC." 

There are lots of reasons to hire a restaurant consultant, and we offer a broad variety of services. In New York, we've sorted out real estate and design concepts; in Portland, we've opened new restaurants from the ground up; in Denver, we've fixed failing businesses and made them beyond successful.

Maybe you just need a menu consultation--a restaurant consultant can help with that. Maybe you need help navigating social media or the latest interior trends--a restaurant consultant can help with that. But we've got five scenarios that you should never go alone, where a consultant's guidance could make or break the success of your business.

Ellis says, "David and Richard opened my eyes to what I had forgotten, what I had not yet learned, or what I'd chosen to ignore."

If you fall into any of these categories, contact National Restaurant Consultants right now!
  1. You're opening a new concept. Maybe you've been in the food service industry; maybe you've run a business. But if you're trying something new, it's always a good idea to do due diligence--so why not turn to the people who have already done it? New concepts are big risks, which reap big rewards when done right.
  2. You're a chef with a new business venture but no business experience. Chefs are the creative geniuses of the restaurant world--but that doesn't always mean they are equipped for the business side of things. When a chef opens up a restaurant, we always recommend he or she enlist the services of a consultant to navigate financial, real estate, and promotional situations.
  3. You're opening in a new market. It stands to reason, what works in New York won't necessarily work in Los Angeles. And this becomes even more true the further away from metropolitan areas you roam. A restaurant consultant makes it his business to understand the needs and wants of your neighborhood, along with the permitting and license requirements of your city and state.
  4. Your restaurant is not making money. Maybe you have experience in all of these areas, but your restaurant is not turning a profit. You can't be a business that doesn't make a profit. Our consultants can come into existing restaurants and determine the budget leaks, plus provide tangible, workable solutions to those issues.
  5. You cannot describe your restaurant concept in a few words or under a single genre. One of the bigger problems we find in existing restaurants is that they are trying to be all things to all people. A thriving restaurant business operates under an "elevator pitch" mentality. If you can't explain your restaurant to guests in a few words--or if they have to flip through pages and pages of menu items--your business isn't focused. Our consultants are experts at identifying the strengths of your concept and helping you to market just those strengths--a simpler road to success.
These are all important reasons to contact a restaurant consultant; but we offer expertise in other areas as well. Read our full list of services and then contact a consultant today. As Ellis says, "Even the best athletes need a coach, even the healthiest people need a doctor sometimes--and even the smartest restauranteurs need a consultant from time-to-time."