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Fourth of July at a Restaurant

by | Jun 23, 2021 | blog, Business, Event, Holidays, National Restaurant Consultants, Special menu, Tips | 0 comments

As families and friends gather for Fourth of July at home, the holiday can be a slower time for restaurants. This is likely due to the backyard barbecue appeal of the celebration, drawing diners to comfortable outdoor spaces with foods to share. But as with any large gathering, restaurants are an easy alternative to hosts, positioned to create a warm, enjoyable environment without any of the effort on the guests’ part.

For this upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend, consider how you can imitate the expectations of a friendly family party, making your restaurant an alluring place to commune and celebrate. Any of these tips that you can implement are sure to attract diners for the holiday.

National Restaurant Consultants CEO Richard Weil noted, “Fourth of July” this year is a great opportunity to energize your customers and staff by creating a fun filled atmosphere inside and outside your restaurant.  Missing out last year due to so many COVID restrictions, take the time to celebrate the holiday with both staff and guests alike”.  

Outdoor Space

America’s favorite summertime holiday, the Fourth of July is most often spent out-of-doors. In order to draw guests to your restaurant, spruce-up your al fresco dining. Make sure that there is ample, comfortable seating, with a mixture of light and shade. Most cities will see hot temperatures at this point, so check-up on your misting and other cooling systems. If you have space, you may even consider a few outdoor games, like cornhole or oversized checkers.


Guests will use the weekend to spend time together. Rather than funneling guests through quickly, turn your attention to how your guests will pass time. Perhaps you have the means for live music or a movie projector in your outdoor space. It could be as simple as some conversation cards on the table.


Alcohol offerings will be essential for the Fourth of July, but simple is actually ideal. Locally brewed beers and lighter more common options will likely sell well. For cocktails, consider easy crowd-pleasers that can be made up in batches, like sangrias or margaritas.


Celebrate American culture with American favorites and emulate the backyard barbecue with plenty of grilled options. Burgers and hot dogs, chicken breasts, or pulled-pork sandwiches are excellent bets, along with all-American side dishes like a potato salad and baked beans.

When it comes to special holidays, and crowds at the restaurant can be unpredictable, it is important to remember that we are part of the hospitality industry. Our goals should focus on what people are looking for and how we can facilitate their gatherings and memory-making. Establish your restaurant as a dependable, family spot for such celebrations, and not only will you see your business thrive on the holidays, but you’ll create a network of loyal guests.