COVID Vaccinations for Restaurant Workers

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Woman receives her COVID-19 vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccinations for Restaurant Workers

Last month, many states opened up vaccinations to all frontline restaurant workers as part of the on-going vaccine rollouts. Now, many states are expanding vaccinations to the broader adult community, opening vaccinations to any person 16-years and older. 

While vaccinations are not a requirement for a restaurant to remain open, our restaurant consultants believe that restaurant owners and managers should keep track of those employees who do receive the vaccination, enabling you to demonstrate to local health departments the level in which your staff has been vaccinated. This tracking is not a condition of employment, but necessary and helpful to contact tracing efforts and reporting if need-be.

National Restaurant Consultants CEO Richard Weil says, “Tracking vaccinations allows restaurant managers and owners to maintain a broad picture for health and safety regulations.  This may not only help your staff stay healthy, but also allow you to continue to operate at various capacity levels based on local governance. Anything you can do to demonstrate your staff’s level of vaccination will prove helpful near- and long-term.”

In Colorado, as an example, vaccination appointments are taking time to procure, but there are several registration resources to make the process easy. All COVID-19 vaccinations should be available free-of-charge; and according to Colorado regulations, employees should be granted paid time if they have to leave during working hours to receive their vaccination. It may be helpful to provide this information to your employees, ensuring that everyone understands the options available to them. To find vaccination appointments in your area, utilize 

From an economic standpoint, vaccination rollout will improve conditions for restaurant owners and workers, increasing capacities, lessening stringent restrictions, and granting peace of mind to those guests who may have opted out of dining-in during the pandemic. For more help on vaccine resources and other post-COVID issues, contact NRC as an informed resource restaurant consultant.

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