COVID-19 Vaccinations for Food Service Employees

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Coronavirus vaccination

Nearly one year into the COVID-19 pandemic and its reach into the United States, people are hopeful for the end with the rollout of vaccinations. While distribution is left to each individual state to manage, the CDC has issued recommendations about prioritization.

In fact, the CDC has included food service workers in high-prioritization categories, directly following frontline and healthcare workers and individuals in elderly or other high-risk groups. In the CDC’s plan, high-risk individuals fall into the 1A group (those 75 and older) and frontline workers are in group 1B. Next, group 1C is the next group of essential workers, according to the CDC, and this includes restaurant workers. This suggested distribution was released late last year, and as states begin to implement their immunization plans, many are heeding this particular guideline.

For example, this past week Los Angeles announced that they would prioritize food service workers, and individuals in food service can receive the vaccination within a matter of weeks. As of February 12, New York City has reopened its restaurants for indoor dining and the city is simultaneously rolling out their plan to vaccinate food service workers. New York City actually moved their food service workers into the 1B category, along with other essential workers from shops and taxi drivers.

While many states are not requiring vaccinations for restaurants to be open in some capacity, the CDC’s recommendations are recognition of the crucial part played by the food service and hospitality industries. 

“This is a welcome sign for the entire industry as many state and local governments recognize the critical role that restaurants play as essential for consumers. We believe that within the next two months that the opportunity for restaurant workers to receive the vaccine will come to reality,” says National Restaurant Consultants CEO Richard Weil. 

Guidelines and expectations continue to vary from state-to-state, but our restaurant consultants are well versed in regional regulations. Our re-opening plans can be catered to your state’s requirements and help your restaurant make the most of business during this restrictive time. We have created multiple ways that you can budget and most importantly manage your cash flow utilizing the skills and experience our restaurant consultants bring.  Your opportunity to afford meaningful and beneficial results are a phone call or email away.  

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