ChefReady: Ghost Kitchens in Denver

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Back in September, at the height of COVID restriction adjustments, we blogged about ghost kitchen options and how restaurant businesses were using the model as a means to stay open—possibly even turn an extra profit. Since then, ChefReady has announced that they will launch a ghost kitchen space in Denver, the first of its kind in Denver and perhaps an original across the country. 

ChefReady offers commercial kitchen space as a low-risk option for restaurant businesses looking to launch delivery-only concepts. By renting kitchen space at ChefReady, restaurants can save as much at 80% on opening, as well as overhead recouped month-to-month. 

As Nation’s Restaurant News shares in this recent article, Denver’s new ChefReady location will offer additional benefits such as composting, solar power, and business support services. Located near the Platte Park neighborhood, ChefReady will offer ten kitchens measuring 250- to 300-square feet, some of which are already let to new and exciting Denver concepts like “Old School Heros, McKinners Pizza, and Let’s Get Loaded”.

National Restaurant Consultants CEO Richard Weil notes where rented kitchen space and virtual-only models can benefit new and old restaurant businesses alike. “Ghost kitchens are not necessarily new, and we have seen so many brick and mortar restaurants with excess capacity pivot production space to enable a ghost kitchen to become functional. ChefReady is a further example of not only a creative but seemingly a profitable way to approach a ghost kitchen.  Technology to assist in the service aspect along with great quality will be cornerstones for these types of concepts to be successful.”

ChefReady is just one ghost kitchen option and just one way restaurant businesses are adjusting to the new standard. To explore alternative business methods as you navigate post-COVID operations, considering contacting our restaurant consultants to find what works best for you and how to be better prepared plan to open.

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