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3 Tips for a Stand Out Happy Hour

Our Top Trends 2017 feature the rise of mixology--here's how to draw a crowd to your happy hour!

By Sarah Ann Noel - February 21, 2017

As our restaurant consultants found and reported in our Top Trends for 2017, mixology is on the rise. No secret to major metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London, happy hour is a great way to draw in millennials at what could be a lull before the dinner hour. With increased interest in beverages, and more and more young professionals dining out with expectation, consider adding a happy hour to your schedule.

Our senior consultant Richard Weil shares some quick tips for your best happy hour that’s guaranteed to draw a crowd!

What are your top three tips for a great happy hour?

Use food as the leader and don’t discount the beverages as much—cheap food will attract more guests and spending, but they’ll pay for the drinks anyway. 

Make sure your happy hour menu includes at least one really hot beer, a good wine price, and two to three food items.  

Don’t over extend the time! You can convert your happy hour to dinner with an extra discount or free dessert or discount moving from happy hour to dinner.

What is your recommendation for a stand-out on-trend cocktail? 
Whiskey is still hot, especially if you have a local distillery to feature.

How can you promote a happy hour that sets it apart from others?  
Try starting at a quarter hour and end at a quarter hour or 3:15 -5:59.

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Photo by Sonny Abesamis.