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The Resurgence of Maximalism

Restaurants may want to start dressing up their stark interiors with rich, warm decor

By Sarah Ann Noel - February 14, 2017

For years, restaurants have been employing a minimalist design to appeal to the broad Millennial audience that is paring down and focusing energy on simple living. But like most trends, taste eventually moves on, and in terms of restaurant decor, it's taking a hard swing across the spectrum.

Maximalism reentered the scene in the States a few years ago, the hottest clubs and restaurants in New York and Los Angeles featuring heavy wallpapers, deep colors, and opulent accessorizing, like gold accents and crystal chandeliers. Of course, our restaurant consultants have spotted this design in international locations, cities like London, Paris, and Dubai, for even longer than that. And we now see it working its way across America; even some of our Denver cafes, almost always leaning into the city's casual culture, have opted for extravagances like velvet tufted booths and rich green wall hangings.

Lifestyle influencers are making a push toward maximalism too. No more whitewashed walls on the blogs and Instagram--in fact, many of these culture queens are now self-proclaimed "Maximalists", veering off the path of modern lines and light living. The Wall Street Journal noted the trend a few weeks ago, and even gave tips for effortlessly achieving the look. (You may need to subscribe to read the full article.)

While National Restaurant Consultants places a heavy influence on business and operations, you cannot neglect the experience your restaurant offers your guests. Most diners are on top of current trends; and if they see that you are not, they will move on to an establishment that places importance on what is popular. Our consultants also advise on restaurant aesthetics and interior design, and we are committed to following these trends. 

If you need assistance with your interior design--from the start, or perhaps just a facelift--reach out to our consultants today and let's work together to make your restaurant the spot to be. 

Image discovered via Pinterest.