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Signature Cocktails: Millers & Rossi Smoked Old Fashioned

It's a new year, and a time when many of our clients start dreaming up new ideas. One of our restaurant consultants' specialties is menu development--we've had our hand in some of the best dishes and drinks from New York City to Los Angeles. And here in Denver, we're working closely with new businesses to create excellent cocktails--because if you read our Top Trends for 2017, you know there's only more attention being drawn to the art of mixology.

We're going to help you pick your poison, featuring a signature cocktail each month this year. This week, our friends from Denver's RiNo district, Millers and Rossi, give us tips for a great old fashioned. Enjoy for your at home happy hour or share with your friends (via our Pinterest) for the next social gathering.

Millers & Rossi Smoked Old Fashioned
Cedarwood Smoked Bullet bourbon or rye
Angustura bitters
Colorado maple syrup
Garnish with orange peel and torched cedarwood
Serve in a 12 oz rocks class with one large ice cube

For more tips on menu development, 2017 trends, and other advice, get in touch with a restaurant consultant to better your business this year!