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Give Back this Holiday Season

When you're running a business, when you're consulting for business--and especially as restaurant consultants--a lot of times, there is tunnel vision to the bottom line. To survive in major cities like New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and in a competitive field like the restaurant industry, dollars and cents matter. That's just smart business.

But our restaurant consultants also understand community. We like to remind ourselves, and our clients, of the bigger picture. During the holidays, it becomes even more important to pause and remember the things that really matter. So we look for ways to give back, and we are always thrilled when our restaurants jump on board too.

One of our consultants, Jared Flowers, is a veteran of the United States Navy. This year, he is partnering with Zabas Mexican Grill to support military families in the Las Vegas area.

"This year, we have partnered with [Zabas] to raise toys and clothes for military families around Las Vegas. We teamed up with Fisher House and Nellis Air Force Base to help those folks that are unable to provide extra for their families," says Flowers.  "We have a box in each of the six Zabas locations and will be collecting items through December 19."

As we often stress in our blog content, when you're a restaurant, you're part of a community. A neighborhood institution. Zabas, one of our clients, understands that and is doing their part to give back. If you're in the Las Vegas area, please consider popping into Zabas to add items to our collection boxes; and while you're there, give your business to a restaurant committed to caring for the community.

To read more about the mission of Fisher House, visit their website and learn how you can get involved. And to learn how you can give back to your community this holiday season, contact our restaurant consultants for ideas. Let's work together to remember what really matters as we see 2016 to a close.

Photo by kthtrnr.