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5 Ideas for Your Restaurant on Halloween

As our New York City clients will tell you, everyone chips in at Halloween. Apartment living means that the kids take to the sidewalks of the business districts for trick-or-treating, popping into local stores, bars, and restaurants for candy. Our Denver and Golden offices see similar neighborhood involvement--whole communities pouring out into the streets, the evening becoming less about collecting candy and more about togetherness. The local haunts are haunted with temporarily unfamiliar and costumed faces. 

Does your city have mass Halloween celebrations? If it's a big ordeal, how do you get involved with your neighbors on this spooky night? Our restaurant consultants were able to round up a few ideas:

1. Real simple has a great list of Halloween-inspired cocktails--treats for the grown-ups! 
2. Or better yet, make the cocktails smoke
3. If you've got a late-night spot, the Bars and Bartending blog has some ideas about bar decor to fuel the party.
4. Maybe your patrons are brave, and maybe you feel like being creative? Here are some disgusting Halloween appetizer ideas. 
5. For the less brave (or rather, the more health-concious) we also found 13 Healthy, Gluten-Free treats too. (Which may be particularly important if your restaurant is in one of the health-concious cities we mentioned in last week's post.)

For more ways to get involved in your community and promote the spirit of the neighborhood, contact our restaurant consultants today!

Photo by Jessica and Lon Binder.