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5 Things a Restaurant Consultant Can Do For You

At National Restaurant Consultants, our consultants have more than 70 collective years in business expertise. As a whole, NRC has a 95 percent success rate for all clients, both in assisting start-ups and failing businesses. But numbers aside, maybe you need to know what exactly a restaurant consultant can do for you. Here's the short list (and you can click here to see a complete list of services):

1. Business Consultation. We will often encounter clients who are very passionate about food and hospitality, but have never been in the position of owning and operating a business. Our consultants have started and managed successful businesses, both in and out of the restaurant industry. We can expertly craft business plans, budgets, financial analyses, contracts, and other business-related matters that may be difficult to navigate without previous experience.

2. Site selection and efficiency. It's true what they say in the real estate world: Location, location, location is most important. Our restaurant consultants know the spots for restaurants--spaces that make sense for business operations and that will also be easily accessible to attract guests. And once a site has been established, our long list of successful restaurants will also inform the layout and effeciency of that location. From the most state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, to appealing aesthetics, NRC knows how to create a great space for your restaurant. 

3. Menu Development. Some parts of the business really area all about the food. National's consultants are well-versed in seasonal options, menu layout, and paring down to dishes that will attract the eye so that your customers are satisfied and you are profitable.

4. Guest relationships. To own a restaurant is to deal with the general public in a very intimate way. People are coming in to break bread together, and you want to make that an enjoyable experience. Sometimes it's about crisis management; sometimes it's plugging into the neighborhood; sometimes it's implementing the newest technologies to get on the same page as your guests. Our consultants make it a point to understand all the current trends among the foodie sets, as well as specific local dynamics, and can help you establish great relationships that will keep your guests coming back. 

5. Food merchandising and other marketing. Our consultants are experts in marketability, which will make a swift and direct impact on your sales. With informed food merchandising, alongside traditional marketing and social media, a restaurant consultant can help your restaurant continue to improve.

Do you need any of these services? Or perhaps you want to know what else a restaurant consultant can do for you? Contact us today--the first question is free, no strings attached! 

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