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5 Fall Recipes (That Skip the Pumpkin Spice)

Obviously we like to follow trends in the restaurant world; but the pumpkin spice has gotten a little out of hand. What once was the first nod to the autumal season is now fodder for poorly constructed Internet memes. But with the end of September approaching, you don't want to miss out on the nostalgic excitement of feeling fall. So our restaurant consultants have come up with five recipe ideas to inspire you to infuse your menu with the season--but skip the pumpkin spice.

1. Cinnamon Apple Chips (via Carrie's Experimental Kitchen). Apple orchards are another potentially cliché delight for autumn, but this is a unique spin. In lieu of fries, perhaps, offer up crispy apple slices as a side dish.

2. Zucchini Bread (by James Beard). Come fall harvest time, zucchini abounds. And zucchini bread doesn't take any more effort than any other seasonal quick bread (we're looking at you, pumpkin bread).

3. Portobello Pot Roast (via A Virtual Vegan). While autumn comes with a huge set of its own seasonal produce, when the temperatures dip, we crave hearty comfort foods. Keep your vegetarian guests excited with this spin on a slow-cooked pot roast, and take advantage of the gorgeous mushrooms popping up at the farmer's markets. 

4. Butternut Squash Pizza (via The Endless Meal). Pizza is something you can easily move with the seasons. This rosemary infused squash pizza is a unique taste that is inherently autumnal. 

5. Brandy Alexanders (via Honestly Yum). To satiate those on the hunt for a pumpkin spice beverage alternative, consider this oldie-but-goodie with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Want a harder look at your fall menu? Need tips on seasonal offerings? Contact our restuarant consultants today.