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What to Consider When Hiring a General Manager

Several restaurant consultants are on-site in Las Vegas this week to assist a client with a GM hire. This is something we have helped many clients with, and that's because it's an important move to get right. Despite expert menu prep, careful business management, and targeted social media and advertising, if you're day-to-day operations and guest services aren't well-handled, your restaurant will fail. 

Of course, to hire a general manager requires multiple levels of consideration, not to mention background checks, interviews, and other research. Still, today our president, David Kincheloe, shared his top checks when it comes to interviewing and hiring general managers.

1. Well-rounded Experience. "You're looking for the person who knows all facets of the restaurant industry. Someone who started bussing tables somewhere and worked their way up through the restaurant has incredibly well-rounded experience. They know what it's like to be in every position and to work with the guests from each of those positions."

2. Loyalty and Stability. "I don't just check into what restaurants a manager-contender worked at, I check into how long he or she worked there and where they went next. And why they left. The restaurant industry can have a lot of turnover, and you don't want to hire a manager who may have plans to move on in the next three months. How often they've jumped from position-to-position is key."

3. Profit-and-Loss Experience. "Being a manager is more than offering free desserts when a guest isn't happy. A manager has to have business experience because they are helping run the business."

4. A generally good attitude. "Managing a restaurant is hard, and you need someone who has a strong work ethic and can improve morale for others. You're looking for an even-keel person, someone who is passionate about working hard. Those things come through in an interview, and they're much more important than just having worked at a restaurant before."

For more tips on how to best choose a general manager for your restaurant (or to hire other employees), contact our restaurant consultants today! 

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