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Summertime Menu Ideas

A month from now, the United States will be celebrating the Fourth of July. And even if you're not in America, if you're in this hemisphere, you have likely kicked-off your summer barbecue season.

Do you adjust your menus accordingly? Our restaurant consultants are experts in menu development, and we have found that seasonal options go a long way in pleasing customers.

While your restaurant isn't a typical backyard cookout, we've searched and found some great ideas to dress-up all-American dishes as fantastic menu items! (If you need more help with your menu, contact a restaurant consultant today!)

Maybe hot dogs don't make appearances on your usual menus, but with interesting ways to dress them up, "gourmet" hot dogs could be a real summertime crowd-pleaser.

If the corn is "knee-high by the Fourth of July" consider offering a spicy version to kick it up a notch. 

Everyone loves juicy watermelon in the summer; and you can up this favorite fruit to restaurant quality by grilling it (and we love the addition of blue cheese and proscuitto in this recipe).

When it comes to cookout menus, sides are where it's at! Saveur has many interesting takes on potato salad, and you can pit them against these 12 cole slaw ideas from Mr. Food's test kitchen

Mac and cheese is a traditional favorite; consider this vegan version to really keep everyone happy!

Finally, you can't forget dessert. Everyone expects a fruit pie for Fourth of July--here are 22 options to consider.

Photo by She Paused 4 Thought.