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Denver Plates and Local Restaurant Guides

While it's important to follow national trends, our restaurant consultants know that the key to success is to plug into the local community. And the way to do that will vary from city to city around the world.

The Denver food scene is particularly locally-minded, and the creative people of this city are constantly churning out new, innovative ways to draw residents into the community. We were delighted to discover a locally-made restaurant guide floating around Denver. There are restaurant guides in every city, sure. But Denver Plates, created by Rachel Greiman and Aneta Storvik, bears the mark of true locals sharing their real favorites. 

"As a transplant to Denver, I was new to the dining scene," Storvik said. "I hated looking on Google for places to eat because I never seemed to find the real good places. Rachel was my go-to girl for the hot spots in Denver. She always knows the best places in the best neighborhoods and that's when we both had an idea."

That idea was Denver Plates, the guide the two local business-owners wrote and designed together. 

Storvik says, "I designed the layout and Rachel added all 52 restaurants with fun descriptions and [menu] recommendations. She has eaten all 52 places," emphasizing that this guide was not necessarily curated through popular vote, rather personal experience.

A project like this is proof positive that the people in your neighborhood are paying attention, and if they enjoy their experiences, they want to share them. Storvik said they wanted their guide to be as accessible as possible, to share their recommendations with anyone and everyone.

"This book does the research for you and it's pocket-sized so you can leave it in your purse or car." 

You can purchase the beautifully crafted Denver Plates here.

What similar resources are there in your city? How have you connected with the makers and shakers in your town--through social media? Blogs? Conversations? Handmade products like Denver Plates?

Our restaurant consultants are experts at tapping into the local voice. Contact us today to discover the best ways to extend your community roots.