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7 Restaurants with Cookbooks

As the Millennial generation continues to place high emphasis on food culture, alongside the creation of food television, more and more celebrity chefs are popping up. As such, we see restaurants from London to New York to L.A. gaining international fame. And one of the ways restaurants are maximizing this fame is by putting out cookbooks. We found seven world-famous restaurants with best-selling cookbooks worth checking out.

1. WagamamaLondon
2. MozzaL.A. 
3. Roberta'sBrooklyn
4. PlentyLondon
5. Zuni CafeSan Francisco
6. ArrowsMaine
7. Red SageWashington, D.C.

Would you put together a branded cookbook and share some tried-and-true recipes? Are your recipes cookbook-worthy? If not, contact our restaurant consultants today to improve your restaurant's menu.

Photo by Sarah Ann Noel.