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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Presentation Inspiration

When it comes to Instagram, everyone's a photographer. The popular app has created the notion that, if you slap a filter on it, your photo is a good one. Instagram boasts over 300 million users, which tells us something for sure: Our world is obsessed with visual aesthetics. 

But our restaurant consultants think food photography is only part of the craze. A filter or good lighting can make a pile of food look hip; but what about the work that went into that presentation. When it comes to making food look delicious, there's a lot more at work than what's captured on camera--and it needs to come from someplace beyond the need to document.

Real life resentation is everything, and food styling is a skill. So we've turned to five Instagram accounts that do more than just take pictures of food; they present food. 

1. Chefs of Instagram. This account is riddled with unbelievable high-end presentation, particularly focusing on the use of negative plate space, interesting garnishes, and exceptional pops of color. 

2. Delicious and Healthy by Maya. A recipe developer who creates plant-based meals, we love how Maya's images naturally communicate the relationship between flora and the foods she makes. The inspiration here is lots of green and foraged items, an easy way to dress-up a plate.

3. Ang Sonny. Ang makes food look peaceful, and the fact that he loves to photograph breakfast isn't lost on us. The photos are comprised of neutrals and muted tones for an understated look at the most important meal of the day. Other things we like? How he incorporates all of the pieces of a meal (extra ingredients tossed about) and uses the whole table for presentation. It's interesting to think about how to take your food style beyond just the plate and incorporate a guest's entire setting for a wholistic experience. 

4. Rita Serano. Who knew so much neon color existed in nature? Rita incorporates bright oranges and pops of pink to incite your appetite for her plant-based seasonal dishes. It's amazing how a radish peel or a lemon wedge can make a plate come alive.

5. Nina Olsson. With a cookbook coming out next year, we're sure this Swedish photographer knows what she's doing. Unlike most food photography, Nina uses moody tones rather than brilliant colors to envoke a whole experience rather than draw the eye to one thing. She's got the lock-down on comfort foods. 

Our restaurant consultants are always looking for inspiration. It's a great way to organize what's trending and what you like, which is helpful when creating your own restaurant brand. We're on Instagram too. Follow along as we travel the world to find new restaurants and help new clients. 

Image by Ang Sonny via Instagram.