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The International Pizza Expo &

A few weeks ago, our president, David Kincheloe, was able to attend the annual International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. Offering special workshops, seminars, and networking events, the Expo is a great way to keep up on the latest trends and leaders in the pizza industry. 

What our consultants especially love is to tour the various exhibits, collecting notes, ideas, and contacts that may prove useful to our clients.

This year, caught our eyes. We've seen similar technologies pop-up (think this Domino's push button ordering or these Amazon Dash buttons), but what's great about is that they can be programmed for any business. You purchase the service, connect it to your business, and allow your customers the chance to order food in one easy (impulsive) step. projects that businesses using the service--pizza restaurants, for example--could see as many as three to five more orders per customer per month. 

Finding these fun, unique services and ideas are one of the best reasons to attend the Pizza Expo. Our consultant made notes of other businesses as well, which we will share with you in future posts and hope to incorporate into plans for our clients too.