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4 Tips for Your Restaurant's Curb Appeal

We recently sent consultants to Boston, where they spent some time exploring the booming main streets of the North End. With high foot traffic and lots of tourist attraction, this part of town is prime real estate for restaurants. What caught one consultant's eye was Volle Nolle, a wine bar on Hanover Street. It was early in the day and the place wasn't even open; but with the large windows, simple lettering, and carefree flower boxes, it still caught the eye. 

We've talked a lot about the interior aesthetics of restuarants--from what is trending in decor to how to create a specific atmosphere that appeals to your diners. What's received less attention but is equally important for business is curb appeal. While there are some places that are the "hidden gems"--lovely spaces tucked behind less than lovely exteriors--most people tend to judge "by the cover," as the saying goes. Use your exterior to set the tone and make a great first impression. 

1. Landscaping goes a long way. Whether you have a full-front yard or a tiny little box under your window, it pays to give some attention to the landscaping outside of your place. It instantly dresses up your entrance and gives life to it. 

2. Don't clutter your windows. Passersby love to peek inside windows--it satisfies the thrill of being nosey. Leave your windows wide open to entice onlookers. 

3. Invest in a heavy door. It's easy to make a subconscious assessment about a place as you push through the door. If it's flimsy or unattractive, your guests might already be biased as they enter.

4. Use one simple, attractive sign. Whether you hang a swinging rod iron sign above the door or have gold lettering painted across your window, keep it simple and high-end looking. How you display your name shows that your establishment is proud and a place worth going.

For more advice on your restuarant aesthetics--interior and exterior--contact our restaurant consultants today!