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The Case for Specialty Menu Items

It's a true fact that you can't please everyone, not even in the restaurant industry. And there's something to be said for accurately discerning when a trend is fleeting and when it's actually the beginning for a new way. With all that in mind, our restaurant consultants think that there is a case for incorporating specialty items on your menus for people with dietary restrictions. 

Based in Denver, it's not unusual for the consultants in our main office to visit local establishments that are entirely gluten-free or entirely vegan. Denver is a health food culture. But as these sorts of trends spread across the country, more and more owners are questioning how they can incorporate the mindset into their restaurants, and we think that's a good thing. 

Gluten-free, for example? Take a look at the chart in this article. Experts predict more than $15 million per year spent on gluten-free products by 2016, nearly 20% forecasted growth. Wouldn't you love to increase your sales by so much? 

And we can't make the claim that your sales will increase by 20% simply because you have a gluten-free pizza on your menu; but these predictions do indicate that the market is there. Like the New York Times stated, food trends are moving toward "free" items. The national and global food culture is starting to pay closer attention to what is in the food they are eating. 

The idea isn't to refocus your entire menu around people making these dietary choices; but to make sure that your menus aren't excluding them. Making your establishment accessible to all diners will only increase your revenue and your overall reputation.

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