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Best Restaurant Coffee

Our restaurant consultants know, to succeed in this industry, you've got to be cool. Maybe we all have different definitions of what "cool" means; but if you want to run your restaurant right, you have to at least understand what is trending. These days "good enough" and "run of the mill" won't cut it in the restaurant business. As our Top Trends reports have shown, not only are millennials willing to wait and pay for the best of the best, they expect that's the route you're taking. 

And what's something that's particularly important to the young trendsetters these days? Coffee. That's why, according to Eater, restaurants best step up their coffee game. If a kid wants a crappy cup of coffee, they'll go to the greasy-spoon diner at 2 in the morning to get that. But if you want to be a foodie hotspot (especially one with great desserts like we talked about last week), your coffee better say you know what you're doing. 

At the very least, if you're doing drip coffee, have a good coffee maker. Commercial grade brewing systems make it easy to produce large quantities of high quality coffee, good for the breakfast and brunch set. 

Often popular at the hipper, higher end restaurants are personal French presses. Bodum is a brand that people know and love, and you can purchase these in a variety of sizes for cost effectiveness or to appeal to a variety of coffee drinkers. (Selling point: Did you know there are actual health benefits to drinking French press coffee? Read here.)

The newest wave of coffee snobbery favors the pour over method. If you don't know what that means, here's a great beginners guide because you should know what that means.

Selection and methodology will please the true coffee experts, but to reach a broader audience, you need to look at the full spectrum of coffee drinks. This Huffington Post article charts all of the different types of espresso drinks and their various ratios (coffee, milk, foam, etc.) If you really want to be a crowd pleaser, especially for dessert, you can offer chocolate and other syrup flavors for sweetening drinks. (And this is a great way to add some seasonal flair to rotating menus--you know you've heard all the Pumpkin Spice jokes!)

Revamping your coffee selection can be a simple move that really repairs your image. What other little but influential changes are you missing? Contact us today to speak with a consultant.

Photo by Zach Inglis.