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National Restaurant Association Government Affairs Conference

Recently, Richard Weil, one of our senior restaurant consultants, attended the National Restaurant Association Government Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C. An annual event, the conference brings together industry professionals and legislators to cover key issues facing hospitality and food services from a national level down the spectrum to the local plain.

"The agenda is primarily driven by business and small business issues," said Weil, though, "It was very apparent that there are still common concerns around issues like the 40-hour work week as it relates to the Affordable Care Act; the National Labor Relations Board election laws; joint employer third-party rulings; tax reform; data breach laws; business meal deductibility; and immigration."

These were the main points of discussion among the conference's 1,000 attendees who represented all 50 of the United States--a nod to the effect these large-scale national issues have on the industry at the state and local levels. Each attendee was granted a 30-minute one-on-one conference with his or her respective Senators and/or Congressman or Congresswoman.

"These types of grassroots meetings are designed to allow Association members from all over the U.S. to share stories about industry issues or pending legislation and the pros and cons of what the legislation will mean to business," Weil said.

Mr. Weil is a past Chairman of the Board for the Colorado Restuarant Association, as well as for the Board of the International Food Service Executives Association. With this experience and his current position as a Key Advocate for the National Restaurant Association, Weil easily navigates these legislative issues and can apply their meaning and potential effects to our clients' businesses at the local level.

He says, "National Restaurant Consultants does not only provide solutions, we can offer expertise from our experience and knowledge base." Further, senior consultants like Weil have extensive networks via the National Restaurant Association and comparable industry groups to provide our restaurant clients with current information and prepare them for positive future outcomes. While a national conference does focus on vast, hot-button issues, National Restaurant Consultants recognizes the value, not just in the information, but in the opportunity for relationship building--and the benefit such a network can afford our clients.

"Project management and successful store openings are my core competencies because of my industry experience," Weil says. "I look at an operation through the eyes of the consumer," he continued, but with the advantage of also possessing extensive industry knowledge and professional development. This is what makes our consultants experts in the restaurant business.

If you have questions about the key issues mentioned at the Government Affairs Conference or if you wish to work with a restaurant consultant like Mr. Weil, please contact us today.