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Table Tents

There are always two camps when it comes to table tents: One believes that they clutter a restaurant, destroy the guest experience, and make it difficult for our servers to clear tables.  In the other camp, there are those who embrace the selling power of table tents—and maybe sometimes take it to the extreme.  

Regardless of where you fit, our restaurant consultants believe there is a place and purpose for table tents as part of a menu and marketing strategy. Of course, every restaurant experience is different. A fine dining concept uses their servers the way that a table tent works in an appropriate space. With fine dining, servers understand selling—highlighting specials, pointing out special menu features, and encouraging good pairings and add-ons. And for the majority of restaurants outside of this fine-dining circle, table tents can manage exactly this. 

The reality is, pictures sell. Pictures sell deserts especially well—and a table tent can sell a dessert at the beginning of the meal, before people have made up their minds that they are too full. Pictures also sell specialty drinks. Grab the eye of a hungry diner who hasn’t yet thought about the bill at the end of the meal. 

Guests also like to know your story, the background of ownership, and unique things about your establishment. Put it on the table tent to increase its effectiveness.  Our restaurant consultants use the table tents as an extension of the menu and as an integral part of our marketing strategy. They can be used effectively to sell catering and special events.

As a restaurateur, do not fall into the first camp. Develop a strategy to use table tents as an effective marketing tool. This holds true if you are in Phoenix, Los Angeles, or New York. Let our restaurant consultants help you.