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Kimchi Taco and Kimchi Grill

New York's Kimchi Taco is the best of Mexican and Korean fusion, offering up wonderous street tacos filled with spicey Korean meats and sweet, fruit-inspired toppings and dressings. (One of our favorites being the short rib taco!) They're fast, affordable, and deliciously authentic. It is fitting that they are a favorite food truck in Brooklyn, street tacos being best devoured, well, on the street.

But what about when your success outgrows a truck? Do you buy another vehicle to remain mobile? Perhaps. Kimchi Taco thought bigger than that and expanded into Kimchi Grill, with two locations in Brooklyn. The two storefronts now do excellent business to customers who feel like sitting down to eat their tacos, and the menu branches beyond just street food. They've even created a little ambience for the restaurants--wood walls, unique lighting, votive candles on the tables--so that the food is true to the original brand but also so that the new space caters to a different sort of client.

Kimchi didn't stop there. The storefronts do an incredible amount of delivery as well. Turns out, ordering gourmet tacos sounds way better to the carry-out group than another slice of greasy pizza. Having two brick-and-mortar locations allowed the group to increase production and staff to not only accommodate their new guests but also to send tacos forth out into the communities. Oh, and they still have their trucks. 

All of this just goes to show that when you start with a plan and your plan is good, there is always room for growth. We wager that Kimchi wouldn't have been as successful if they had tried to take on all three fronts at once. They found what they were good at, stuck to it, and developed such a following that they allowed the demand pave the way for their growth. 

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