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Dinner Music

A consultant of ours walked by The Civil Service Cafe in Brooklyn the other day, midday, and got a lovely surprise: A violinist was perched near the front window, serenading the late morning patrons. The music was soft enough to not disturb those working or conversing; but it added wonderful ambience, even from the street. A quick glance around the tables and it seemed all the guests were thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Music during dinner used to go hand-in-hand. In the old days, diners might even sneak in a dance with their date before or after dinner. Dining was more about an overall experience than just scarfing down some food and getting out. And people don't even realize what they're missing sometimes--until one day they're sitting in a coffee shop and pleasantly surprised by some soft soothing music in the middle of the day.

Have you ever considered an element of entertainment in your restaurant? What suits your aesthetic and how could it boost your guests' overall experience?

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P.S. If you click through The Civil Service Cafe link above, it takes you to the Yelp page--and it's a great example of a highly-rated, well-managed Yelp page. These things DO matter!