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Loyalty Programs for Restaurants

Does your restaurant offer a loyalty program? It's an option for all different grades of restaurants and there are many different types of programs available. 

"The main concern is keeping the guests dining dollar budget flowing through your restaurant," says Jim Wright of My Axis Point, and this is just good business sense and psychology. My Axis Point specializes in applications to run different types of loyalty programs on all Windows-based POS systems.

"Our patented technology is the only program that gathers sku level data tracked to the end user," Wright explains. "And from a marketing perspective, the most important aspect is information. Using such a system allows a restaurant to keep track of what their guests are buying and how much they are spending."

Not only is that good for business planning, you can keep the cycle moving. "You have the ability to send them offers that will help your business," Wright adds.

There are many different types of offers, but Wright notes that the most popular is buy-one-get-one-free. There is, however, a rising trend for dollar-specific rewards. "These programs offer a gift card or coupon once you spend a certain dollar amount," and that's great for getting guests back through your doors, says Wright.

While loyalty programs prove beneficial, the undertaking may initially seem daunting. But My Axis Point loyalty programs are designed to be easy-to-use for both the retailer and the customer because of the SKU-reading technology. Retailers can completely control offers from an online platform and send incentives via text or email.

"You want them back as soon as possible to use the rewards," says Wright. "That's really the point of a loyalty program: to get them back into your store when they might not have come in otherwise."

Think a loyalty program is a good fit for you? Contact us today for our restaurant consultants' best advice and learn how you can work with My Axis Point to start a loyalty program today.