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Client Profile: Fogon

Fogon, literally translated “cooking with charcoal,” is the first American restaurant of Daniel Correra. Originally from Mexico City, Correra sought to bring traditional Mexican food into the States, food created from his grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s recipes rather than the American versions of Mexican food that we are accustomed with. 


To achieve this level of authenticity, Correra has installed custom grill stations throughout his restaurant to cook meals right in front of patrons. Not only does this maintain the flavors of traditional Mexican meals, it cultivates a true culinary experience for diners. Dishes are transported from the grill straight to your plate, and then topped with house-made sauces created from Mexican and local chiles for a variety of tastes and heats. 


Just as the food is authentic, Daniel has also worked closely with Mexican artisans to bring traditional folk culture into the design and decor of the restaurant. Modeled after traditional modern Mexican tacquerias, made spacious for an American audience, Fogon offers a variety of indoor and outdoor seating arrangements and can seat many different sized parties. The walls boast custom murals, designed uniquely for the restaurant. Mural designs were then sent to Talavera, a pottery emporium that creates high-quality pottery pieces reminiscent of techniques introduced into Mexico in the early 17th century. Talavera's historical practices are specific and meticulous and produce authentic and beautiful pottery art. In Mexico, the art of Talavera is recognized and protected by the government.


Fogon's combination of traditional food and customized interior and exterior seating is, to Correra, the culmination of a true Mexican eating experience. The menu offers up smokey flavors, traditional sauces traced through generations of family, and authentic folk ambience designed to transport guests to Mexico.

National Restaurant Consultants is proud to be working with Correrra to create Scottsdale’s first and only fogon-style restaurant, a Stateside concept completely new to Mexican cooking. See more at

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