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The Hamptons in the Off-Season

National Restaurant Consultants takes a September food tour of Montauk and the Hamptons

By David Kincheloe - September 23, 2019

If you're somebody in New York City, you make your way out to the east end of Long Island at some point during the summer--the "season". The point is as much to be seen as it is to see (and taste); but if that's not your scene, then the Hamptons (or any place, for that matter) in the early off-season is ideal. Post-Labor Day, these pristine tiny towns close up their summer mansions and space is once again made for the locals.

Our restaurant consultants spent a few days "out east" two weeks ago, and though there was only so much time (and stomach space), were able to visit several spots of note around Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor, and Montauk. 

In Bridgehampton, pop in to Pierre's for a morning juice and a French pastry. The bakery shares owners with Almond, which is an excellent stop (and hopping, even in the off-season) for cocktail hour or dinner. For a more relaxed atmosphere and a delicious take on New York style pizza, pull up a seat at the bar at World Pie. For a fun treat and taste of old New York, stop by the Candy Kitchen, a true old-fashioned soda fountain. And just around the corner from downtown is the delightful Wölffer Vineyard, offering an array of wines and charcuterie. 

Sag Harbor is a perfect place to pass a late morning or afternoon, with many lunch and dinner options. During our brief pass through, this visit, we opted for cocktails at Baron's Cove, a hotel and restaurant on the bay. The happy hour menu is enticing and there was live music on the patio.

Montauk continues to be the burgeoning scene, and new hotspots continue to pop-up along old favorites. On this visit, we dined at Crow's Nest, which caters to seafood lovers, meat eaters, and vegetarians alike, with quite a bit of local fare. Wait times can be long, but you can stroll down the hill to the water for popcorn and drinks. 

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