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Create a Mocktail Menu for the Sober Movement

National Restaurant Consultants suggests non-alcoholic drinks with dry lifestyle on the rise

By Sarah Ann Noel - September 19, 2019

As the Millennial and younger generations continue to seek out improvements in their health, without wanting to sacrifice experience, our restaurant consultants have seen a rise in non-alcoholic beverages, endearingly termed "mocktails." While mocktails have long been available at bars across the nation, we've seen leaders in the mixology scene, such as Death & Co from New York City (now with locations in Denver and Los Angeles, as well) dedicate full pages of their menus to mixed drinks sans alcohol. These mocktails lack nothing in flavor or style, they're simply sober. 

Nation's Restaurant News recently published an article about the sober-curious movement--a migration toward dry living (and drinking!), for a myriad of reasons. For some, sober living is a necessity. Others abstain simply in support of those who must. The new sober movement brings in a whole new subset of consumers choosing sobriety because they think it is better for them. This mindset has gained momentum through social media. These are ten accounts specifically about sobriety worth taking a look at. 

As younger diners and drinkers make lifestyle changes, whether opting for veganism, cutting gluten, or, in this case, removing alcohol from their diets, they're not interested in missing out on the lifestyle aspect of "grabbing drinks". Happy hours remain important social and business time slots; and event planners are returning to a designated cocktail hour at weddings and other celebrations. 

From the perspective of the restaurant industry, our restaurant consultants think that this movement should feel like an opportunity for restaurant owners, not a concern. (Specifically, a few months back, we featured an organization called Ben's Friends that helps combat alcoholism in the industry, where it is an especially prevalent issue.) Encouring a dry life style is simply value added--reaching a new and growing market in a trending need, infusing menus with creativity and inclusivity. And there are outstanding mocktail recipes everywhere, like these from Delish.

Our restaurant consultants have enough experience to understand that trends and markets cycle. When the scales tip in one direction, it is always important to lean into the movement and find a way to offer guests what they want and need. This keeps your restaurant relevant. Our consultants are experts in top trends and menu designs--let us help you with your new mocktail menu! 

Photo by Lefteris kallergis on Unsplash