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Hiring and Training Your Restaurant Staff

The underlying costs and statistics of building your employment team

By Sarah Ann Noel - August 21, 2019

You can't run a restaurant without a staff. You need managers, bartenders, waitstaff, hosts, and several employees manning the back-of-house. Nine out of ten restaurants get by on 50 or fewer employees, but that still accoutns for 15.3 million workers. By 2029, the restaurant industry will represent nearly 17 million jobs.

Staffing your restaurant isn't about the big available numbers, however; it's about the quality of the group you put together. Without a great team, restaurant operations fall apart--so hiring well is crucial. Still, 51 percent of restaurant owners say that staffing is one of their biggest challenges, and 35 percent of their managers agree.

Part of the challenge in hiring and training new employees is the cost. Training a new employee can cost you nearly $2,000--and make that up to $15,000 if you're training a new manager. But training well and solidfying your staff will earn that back and build a long-lasting relationship. Good training should include a basic handbook; sexual harrassment training; food safety and alcohol certification; and possibly a mentorship path, as well.

National Restaurant Consultants are experts in hiring staff. We work through the hiring process with nearly all of our clients, and we have experience and judgment to aid in building your restaurant's best team. Contact a restaurant consultant today and start crafting your best employee team.

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Photo by Zhanjiang Chen on Unsplash