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Olive & Sinclair Chocolate

National Restaurant Consultants visits boutique chocolatier in Nashville

By Sarah Ann Noel- August 16, 2019

Recently our restaurant consultants spent a few days in Nashville, which is always a treat for anyone. No longer just the music city, the food scene is bursting with whatever is trending in all the hot spots, but always with a hint of southern flare. For example, coffee isn't just coffee--get inspired augmented coffees at Stay Golden. And biscuits aren't just biscuits--try the house made rosemary biscuits at Dose that will just crumble in your mouth.

This trip, a new-to-us spot was the Olive & Sinclair chocolatier. Known for their salted caramel bourbon truffles (among other things), this souther artisan chocolate is an experience itself. But it's made better by actually paying a visit to the shop. It feels like a step back in time, in all the best ways. You can even tour the factory if you'd like.

Our restaurant consultants take time to get inspired wherever they are. That's why we're not just informed by what research and legistlation says--we know what works by getting out into the field. Get in touch with a restaurant consutlant today and find out what we can do to inspire your restaurant.