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Dining in Las Vegas

National Restaurant Consultants CEO spends a few days sampling the culinary delights of the World's Entertainment Capitol.

By Sarah Ann Noel - July 24, 2019

National Restaurant Consultants CEO, Richard Weil, recently spent a few days in Las Vegas, searching out the hottest industry trends and tasting the new concept cuisines. 

In general, Weil says that trends around the quality of foods are holding fast. "Fresh and local foods continue to spare the consumer interest." And in terms of aesthetics: "Colors, water features, and music. Las Vegas is well known for capturing all the senses with sights, sounds, and feelings. It was very apparent in many of the cool, hip places we visited."

Specifcally on that list are such establishments as Eggslut, Milos, and Yolos Mexican Grill. Weil had takeaway from each of these experiences, specifically--notes he feels are beneficial to our restaurant consultants and clients alike.

"Milos, located in the Cosmopolitan, had an ambience second to none. There were magnificent interior details in the stunning restaurant, and the authentic Greek and Mediterranean fare was wonderful. Plus, the service was equal to match," Weil said. 

An edgier option, Eggslut, was also impressive. "As you might image, it was all about eggs. Eggs served in multiple ways. But it's eggs with a twist, and the experience is unique. It's a walk-up spot, with walkable foods. A simple example was their delicious egg sandwich on a biscuit." All-day breakfast has a good market in a 24-hour city such as Las Vegas.

Weil especially enjoyed his visit to Yolos. "Yolos offers a hundred tequillas and fresh Mexican entrees. The dining room boasts bright colors and fun music."

Of course, visitors to Las Vegas expect a vibrant, unique experience; but these are growing trends in the restaurant industry across the country. Guests will expect the unexpected--from menus to decor to music. Consider all the senses in your restaurant plans.

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