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Last Minute Fourth of July Ideas

If Independence Day sneaked up on you, National Restaurant Consultants has ideas for quickly getting in the spirit.

By Sarah Ann Noel - June 30, 2019

This week marks the Fourth of July in the United States, a celebration of our nation's independence, and all the freedoms we enjoy, from New York to Los Angeles, from sea to shining sea! We know there are huge celebrations being held in Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, and New York, not to mention all of the wonderful parties and festivities that will happen in every small town across America.

Though it's not a holiday with it's own "season", it's definitely one that people get into. From cookouts and special drinks to parades and fireworks, the celebratory spirit is palpable, and as a restaurant, your business can benefit on this day.

But if this day is "sneaking up" on you, fear not. Our restaurant consultants rounded up some last minute tips that will have you quickly prepared to lavish some patriotism on your guests over the long holiday weekend. 

First, dress up your cocktail and happy hour menus with these red, white, and blue drinks

No need to make major changes to your menu. Most people are on the hunt for all-American comfort foods on this day. But for some last-minute bites, take a look at this HGTV round-up.

Turns out, for celebratory desserts, all you need is a quick trip to the farmer's market. America the beautiful grows her own patriotic sweet treats, like this berry partfait and this flag-inspired toast.

If you want to add a little splash of patriotism to your restaurant decor, try these simple Popsugar solutions

Last but not least, put everyone in the mood with Spotify's top songs for Fourth of July!

Being festive and celebrating with your guests doesn't have to be tricky or expensive. It's important to remember that a restaurant is a great place for people to come together in celebration, and part of good service is facilitating that. For more ideas for fostering community in your restaurant, contact a restaurant consultant today!

Photo by Ryan Wong on Unsplash