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Employee Retention in the Hospitality Industry

National Restaurant Consultants is teaching their clients how to be better employers

By Richard Weil - May 7, 2019

National Restaurant Consultants president David Kincheloe's friend Brent Tilson published an article in Forbes Books online, addressing the importance of hospitality businesses working to retain their staff.  Tilson noted, “Over three million employees have left their jobs voluntarily every month since June 2017, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Keeping good employees is becoming harder and harder for employers, and retention is at an all-time low.”

At National Restaurant Consultants we have been working with our clients across the country to become better employers. How you treat your employees matters! Tilson wrote, “in 2018 over 40 million employees quit their job and the vast majority of new hires are quitting their current jobs and moving to the new opportunity”. 

Why are these employees leaving? Staff members aren't quitting their jobs--they are quitting their managers or owners of the restaurants. It is well published that bad management is the number one reason people leave. Employees surveyed by UDEMY responded that 56% of the time, they feel their managers are not qualified to lead; and 60% survey believe managers need managerial training. This study further indicates lack of management training, interpersonal skills, and poor organizational hierarchy and protocols. 

National Restaurant Consultants can review your management's organizational alignment and create customized training solutions to help your management team become better leaders. Your ability to attract and retain quality staff, improve your overall guest service, and employ the type of management that truly leads, will result in reduced expenses of staff turnover and the eventual increase in profits and cash flow your restaurant needs. Contact a restaurant consultant for help!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash