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Hotspots Premiere Features Denver's Potager

National Restaurant Consultants attends a private screening of a short documentary honoring chef Teri Rippeto

By Sarah Ann Noel - April 17, 2019

Cool Cactus Media
, a production company based out of Boulder, has created a new series of stories entitled Hotspots. The collection focuses on local, interesting stories, a glimpse into the personal piece of hot button issues like climate and culture.

Last weekend, the team released the first episode, featuring Denver's Potager chef, Teri Rippeto. Potager has been a longstanding foodie spot, since even before Denver's major influx, drawing in repeat guests with their seasonal, farm-to-table dishes. 

In this first Hotspots episode, Rippeto discusses her journey to becoming a chef, founding Potager, and ultimately why she chooses to prepare food in the conscious manner that she does. It was indicative of the direction our restaurant consultants have seen the restaurant industry moving, and we were pleased to see this beautiful feature on such a landmark of Denver food.

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