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80 Spring-Inspired Cocktails

Warm up your happy hour menus with National Restaurant Consultants' favorite cocktail round-up

By Sarah Ann Noel - April 3, 2019

It's the first week of April, and hopefully it's spring where you are. Here in our Denver offices, we're still battling a chill; but at least it's warm in Phoenix! We had consultants in Nashville over the weekend, where it was cold and rainy; but others are heading to New York this week, and there we've heard tell of the promises of springtime. 

So how about, at the very least, spring in your glass? In keeping with tradition, we went to some of our favorite food and drink publications and found great spring cocktail trends for this year. So cheers to warmth and color and sweetness--even if it's just what's on the happy hour menu.

Over at Town & Country, they've featured a ginger sage cocktail, with Prosecco, that's bound to warm you up--plus more than 30 other spring-inspired recipes.

Our featured photo is a cherry blossom cocktail from The Adventure Bite, via Design Sponge. If you're waiting for your cherry blossoms to bloom, perhaps this delicious drink--or any of the other 20+ recipes--will tide you over.

Feeling a little playful as the season turns? Give your cocktails a fun name. We like The Secret Garden, featured on Marie Claire's list of cocktails, not just for it's name, but also because of its gin base. Gin is still going to be a good go-to this spring and summer.

If it's called "Sunshine", then it must be a good option. Sunshine, and a few other high-end twists on classic warm weather cocktails are featured in this gallery on Esquire.

Food & Wine is a trusted resource, and they did not disappoint with spring cocktail suggestions. This Mango-Elderflower Margarita is a great way to dress-up a classic cocktail with a spring flare. Check out more Food & Wine spring cocktail suggestions here.

National Restaurant Consultants specialize in menu development and crafting cocktail recipes. We turn to these outlets for inspiration, but it is also important to cater menus to your business and your guests. Contact a restaurant consultant today for advice on how to adjust your menus with some springtime brilliance.

Photo via Design*Sponge.