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10 Must-Try Restaurant Bathroom Ideas

National Restaurant Consultants President David Kincheloe shares expert advice on restaurant bathrooms to win over your guests

By David Kincheloe - November 12, 2018

Building out a restaurant is a large undertaking, and it can be made so much easier with the guidance of a restaurant consultant. Restaurant consultants are skilled in big picture visions, but they know about the details that can other times go overlooked. Details are tied to a whole experience, and when guests visit your restaurant, that's what they're looking for. They don't just want to be fed; they want a whole dining experience.

One expected place where this is so evident: the bathroom. From a big picture standpoint, a restaurant bathroom seems necessary, needs to be functional, and should be tended to once in awhile. This week, National Restaurant Consultants president was interviewed on the blog to expand on the idea of a restaurant bathroom. Why? Because it's important to get it right so as not to detract from the restaurant experience.

You can read all 10 Must-Try Restaurant Bathroom Ideas here. The points where Kincheloe is quoted brings together exactly what a restaurant consultant is good at. Yes, a bathroom needs to be functional, which is the big picture; but there are important nuances to get exactly right, because the details matter. 

Whether you're moving into an existing restaurant space or beginning from scratch, it's important that you get all of your details right in a functional, efficient, and affordable way. Our restaurant consultants can make a plan to do exactly that. Contact us today.