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The Workforce of Generation Z

Start gearing up for the next wave of employees to follow the Millennials

By Sarah Ann Noel - September 21, 2018

Our restaurant consultants have spent a lot of time over the last few years researching Millennials and what their generational traits mean for business, both as guests and employees. Millennials have been a generation of strong characteristics, and they have made their mark on how we conduct business and approach practices in dining, marketing, and global living. What has made this generation is their coming-of-age in a digital era, seeing and utilizing the new social media tools, and expanding their reach and voice while the world gets generally smaller.

Now it's time to turn attention to Generation Z, however, as they come up in years and prepare to enter the workforce. This generation will be wholly unique because they've never known a world without these tools and social concepts. They are not a novelty to them, but a norm. Following in the Millennial's footsteps, a generation that serached for work and redefined moneymaking, the younger generation is going to seek a greater sense of stability. They are hungry to make money, and they're ready to work for it.

But they will also lack a sense of social grace expected from older generations. They've grown up on screens, and with role models who have made a living by carving their own paths. If Generation Z is to enter the traditional workforce, these traits will have to be taken into careful consideration, in terms of expectation and training. Young and old will have to work together to find a meet-in-the-middle ground. This generation isn't breaking out against tradition; they were raised without a sense of it.

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting take on this new workforce generation, calling on employers to be ready to adapt. We'll all be learning as we hire, and learning as we begin serving this wave of decision-makers and trendsetters.

What have you seen from Generation Z so far? How will you adapt in your business? Our restaurant consultants are devoted to following trends and making predictions about where to go next. Stay tuned for our end-of-the-year trends forecast; and until then, contact a restaurant consultant today to begin your Generation Z preparations. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash