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How To Keep Your Employees Happy

National Restaurant Consultants say, if you have high employee turnover, the problem could be you

By David Kincheloe - August 1, 2018

Our restaurant consultants know that one of the biggest challenges facing restaurant owners and managers, especially in big, transient cities like Denver, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, is hanging on to good staff. It takes time and money to interview, hire, and train employees, and if there is high turnover, that's a major loss on the business side.

Many managers are quick to blame turnover on bad, undedicated employees; but our consultants say, that's actually almost never the case with employee retention issues.

"Most employees want to do a good job," says NRC president David Kincheloe. "And the problem with employee loss usually has more to do with training and management."

Kincheloe says, if there is an issue with an employee, ask these three questions:
  1. Did this employee understand the expectations?
  2. Was this employee properly trained to meet those expectations?
  3. Has the employee received the tools necessary to carry out the tasks?
"When there is a problem, chances are, the answer to at least one of these questions is a no," says Kincheloe. "If you can't say that you've set your employees up in this way, then the problem isn't with the employee. It's you."

Recently, our Phoenix restaurant consultant shared an interesting AZ Central article by Paula Hubbs Cohen. Cohen write about the top 2018 companies to work for, and breaks down why they have high employee retention. Of course, articles about happy employees are nothing new, but our consultants were drawn to a list of key drivers included in the article, and how those ten items relate to the questions we tell restaurant managers they must be able to answer. Cohen's list included points such as:
  • feeling valued at work
  • having confidence in the leadership
  • being treated with respect
  • and making good use of skills and abilities
(Read the full article and list here.)

Managing employees, ultimately, comes down to leadership skills and operational systems. These are things our restaurant consultants are experts in. Save yourselves time and money by making sure you're adequately training and valuing your employees. Contact a restaurant consultant and stop your employee turnover today.

Photo by Crew on Unsplash