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8 Important Items for Your Restaurant

National Restaurant Consultants partners with Webstaurant to review the major ticket items that are worth investing in for your restaurant.

By David Kincheloe - May 21, 2018

One way that our restaurant consultants like to expand our knowledge-base and help clients is by getting to know other businesses and publications through partnership. Our consultants have used WebstaurantStore on some of our client projects; and we have also linked to their site from time-to-time because of their relevant content. This week, Webstaurant shares with National Restaurant Consultants readers directly with their list of the top eight needs for outfitting your restaurant.

Opening a new restaurant requires juggling a huge number of tasks: designing your kitchen, decorating your dining area, training staff, and more. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you cover the basics—the essential restaurant equipment every new operation needs to be successful. It’s critical to spend time weighing and exploring your options to ensure you’re purchasing the best-fit equipment for your restaurant’s needs. Here are the top eight pieces you’ll need before opening your doors to the public.
  1. Restaurant Furniture. Your restaurant’s décor not only makes a statement about the type of business you want to run, it can also have an effect on the spending and consumption of your patrons! The furniture you choose affects the overall ambience of your restaurant. Choosing the right furniture will allow you to seat guests comfortably and stylishly. Make sure that the choices you make are on-brand and that they speak to the type of establishment you want to create.
  2. Restaurant Signage. What kind of image do you want to present to the public? The signage in your restaurant will enhance your visibility and  differentiate your brand from your competitors. Your signage is more than just a billboard advertising your restaurant—you can post outdoor menus, specials, carry-out or dine-in options, and more. Think strategically about color and placement to ensure maximum impact.
  3. Kitchen Supplies. A well-stocked kitchen is the restaurateur’s best friend. You’ll want to make sure you are stocking the most useful kitchen supplies to maximize your space and profitability. This umbrella category covers all of your tools for prep work, maintenance, dispensing, and serving. Buy your products from a reputable manufacturer, and invest in high-quality tools so that you’ll be able to prep, create, and serve food in perpetuity. The durability of your tools can make a huge difference!
  4. Commercial Grills. When looking for a commercial grill, pay close attention to the specs—you’ll want one that can meet the demands of your restaurant’s capacity. Grills are versatile and come with a wide range of options in numerous sizes and styles to accommodate your restaurant’s unique needs, from commercial induction griddles to small charbroilers suitable for food trucks and concession stands.
  5. Restaurant Dinnerware. Something as simple as dinnerware can make quite a statement. Are you an upscale establishment seeking to cement your place as the go-to restaurant for a Friday night date, or an eco-conscious food truck service looking for a biodegradable or compostable option? Either way, the type of dinnerware you choose for your dining space can speak volumes about the type of brand you’re creating. It’s often a good idea to get inspiration from restaurants within your niche, but be sure that you settle on an aesthetic that speaks to the unique experience you plan to create for your diners.
  6. Refrigeration Equipment. Commercial refrigeration equipment and commercial freezers are critical to a restaurant’s operations, with every pub, deli, and grocery store having particular needs to service their clientele. Blast chillers allow you to prepare large amounts of food well in advance and thaw it when you’re ready to use it. Ice machines and storage bins offer functionality and convenience for your operation. Needs for commercial refrigeration vary greatly between types of businesses and should be specified and installed with care.
  7. Commercial Shelving. For storage and organization, your establishment’s shelving will see a lot of use. Ensure that you’re getting high-quality equipment so that your shelves stand the test of time, and that they’re rated for the amount of weight you’ll need to store without buckling or bending. Rust-resistant shelves often feature an epoxy coating that will stand up to the conditions of your back-of-house, with many rated to withstand the temperatures of walk-in coolers and freezers.
  8. Grease Traps. Although grease traps aren’t the most glamorous appointment in outfitting your restaurant, they are critically important. They protect your pipes and drainage systems from becoming clogged and unusable due to the accumulation of waste solids any food operation is likely to produce. Remember when choosing a grease trap system that you’re safeguarding your business from costly repairs down the road and invest in something that will stand up to your business’s use.
Thanks to WebstaurantStore for their contribution and partnership. If you have questions about outfitting your restaurant, contact a National Restaurant Consultant today.

Photo by 
Ali Yahya on Unsplash