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13 Spring Cocktails with Edible Flowers

National Restaurant Consultants launch the spring equinox with a huge list of floral cocktails

By Sarah Ann Noel - March 20, 2018

Sure there's snow on the ground in Denver and at our Golden office, and more expected to fall around the Great Lakes and the northeast; but, today is March 20, the spring equinox, and so our restaurant consultants are ready to warm things up for the season. If there's one thing that comes to mind when you think of spring, of course it's flowers; but we're not talking about a boring vase of carnations as a makeshift seasonal table centerpiece. 

With a trend toward the organic and an expectation for experimental drinks and dishes, it's time to incorporate some edible flowers into your spring season menus. There is a long list of flowers that are safe for eating, and we've included those below. It's a fun way to dress up any dish or salad; but with the sun warming up those outdoor patios and guests shifting into a more carefree state of mind, our restaurant consultants thought it a fun idea to pinpoint floral cocktail recipes--and not just your average lavender-infused whiskey. We found some unique concoctions, whether incorporating flowers or just inspired by them, that are bound to get your guests excited about spring.
  1. Kitchen Riffs shares a storied history behind the daisy cocktail, which has a number of variations. Add your own little twist to the recipe if you like--but instead of garnishing with a twist, garnish with a daisy itself. They're delightful and edible!
  2. Anthropologie did a gorgeous how-to video for a marigold cocktail--complete with perfect presentation that you should definitely take into account. (Consider the tea and syrup recipes, too!)
  3. We've talked a bit about the return to clear liquors, and this will only increase as spring warms up and guests are looking for refreshing gin treats. This cornflower gin cocktail via Chilled Magazine is the perfect pastel picture of springtime in a glass.
  4. Another cocktail named for a flower is the chrysanthemum, which Epicurious features here with absinthe for a fresh take. Don't forget the floral garnish--chrysanthemums are edible, too!
  5. Okay, okay--we said no lavender-infused whiskies. But that's not going to stop us from pointing out this Lavender Lemonade Martini from Creative Culinary.
  6. Geraniums in the pots on the front porch--take that childhood nostalgia and pour it into a pretty pink cocktail with this geranium simple syrup recipe on Gardenista.
  7. There are any number of recipes using roses, especially for cocktails; but this caught our eyes because of the cardamom addition!, Thanks View From the Great Island!
  8. Sugar + Charm has the sweetest recipe for a lilac pisco, with a presentation that is subtle and light, just like the start of spring.
  9. Dandelion has many health benefits, which is a great way to play up a special dandelion cocktail, like this G+T crafted in response to a Chicago Reader cocktail challenge.
  10. We are loving the vintage-inspired drinks our restaurant consultants have come across in the search for floral cocktails, especially this red clover and blood orange bourbon that uses a red clover tea.
  11. The "tulip" in this tulip cocktail via Galumbi is inspired by the aroma and floral notes--the very sight and scent of it will evoke the feeling of spring. (But tulips are also edible--toss a few petals into a spring salad!)
  12. Here is a simple recipe from Small Screen Network for the perfect Violet Fizz using a violet liqueur. (Our consultants also stumbled upon some creme de violette variations that would be worth experimenting with for a sunny springtime treat.)
  13. An orange pansy cocktail (from Marx Foods Blog) is bound to brighten up those spring happy hour menus--skip the pink and go right for the bold, and don't forget that edible pansy for garnish.
Enjoy the first day of spring and contact a restaurant consultant today for tips and tricks for your seasonal menus!

Photo by Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr.