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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Restaurant

Just like at home, spring is a great time to refresh your space and your menu

By Sarah Ann Noel - March 6, 2018

The temperatures are schizophrenic from Denver to New York City--sunny and unseasonably warm one minute, cold with a blustery wintery mix the next. But in our Phoenix office, things are heating up; our friends in Seattle have started their gardens; and even in Minneapolis, there have been days of rain instead of snow, and shoots of new life in the forests. What we're saying is: Spring is on its way in.

Spring ushers in with it a sense of freshness and renewal; and likely, at home, you're tending to projects long left ignored, like sweeping beneath furniture and organizing clients. Our restaurant consultants believe it's important to do the same in your restaurant space as well.

Here are five tips for a spring refresh in your establishment.
  1. Start with the actual deep cleaning. Of course, you have health codes to adhere to, and you keep things clean and comfortable for your guests; but you should take the time to go above and beyond and really get in the nooks and crannies. Scrape off the gum that kid stuck underneath the table; dust inside your chandeliers; clean all of the glass, polish all your metal. Really make the place sparkle.
  2. Declutter! Purging isn't just for your clothes closet. Consider the community areas in your restaurant--a bulletin board in the entry, fliers on the bathroom stalls. Clear away all that is worn and irrelevant. Take a look, also, at organizational systems--both those in and out of sight of your guests. Find a way to nicely store the additional paper products, or finally install a solution to keep the soap dispenser from leaking all over the bathroom counter.
  3. Spring clean your menu. Here's a spot you might not have thought to declutter, but our restaurant consultants find it incredibly prudent. Take a hard look at all of your menu offerings. What isn't selling? What is draining money? What doesn't fit with your culinary aesthetic? Be ruthless and slash it. Pare down your menu into something simple, that really packs a punch. (Need some help with this? Our restaurant consultants are menu development experts!)
  4. Refresh your look. Spring is a great time to update some of your interior and exterior design elements. If your booths or stools are looking a little shabby or your light fixtures a little too old fashioned, use your spring cleaning as an opportunity to make a few updates. If this is unnecessary or not in your budget, start smaller. Observe your signage on the table or around the walls. Brighten up your menus and advertising. Start fresh and clean for spring.
  5. Clean up your outdoor space. With spring knocking at the door, it's just a matter of time before your guests will want to be dining al fresco. Don't miss the first great day for outside dining--have it ready to go now!
Need more tips on sprucing up your place? Contact a restaurant consultant today!

Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash