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Wine on Tap

Why our restaurant consultants are recommending kegged wine for great taste, lower costs and less waste

By Sarah Ann Noel - February 20, 2018

In Denver, which has had a long run as a microwbrewing city, our restaurant consultants have enjoyed exploring new markets in the beverage world. We've seen some distilleries pop up for whiskeys and clear liquors; we've explored one of the first urban wineries, Infinite Monkey; and one trend we've spotted, loved, and think is a smart move in our restaurants is wine on tap.

Kegged wine, or a wine on a tap, is a growing trend around food-centric cities and millennial diners. At first thought, perhaps you think it sounds like cheap wine--a nod to boxed wine, maybe. But with the latest keg and tap system technologies, wine on tap maintains the notes, and quality intended for the wine at the source. Not only does it provide a superior product that's on-trend with diners-in-the-know, it does so at a fraction of the cost.

One of the main reasons that wine one tap is more cost-effective is because it eliminates so much packaging and waste materials--no bottles, no labels, no corks, no boxes. This reduces the cost, meaning more money in your pocket, while also lowering your restaurant's carbon footprint, which should make your guests and neighbors happy as well.

Free Flow Wines provides excellent information about kegged wine, including a Wine 101 course. To get you started, read a little bit about the company and some FAQs. Our restaurant consultants are regular subscribers to their newsletter and other tips so that we stay on top of this growing, common sense trend. This blog also has an easy-to-understand breakdown of the benefits of kegged wine.

National Restaurant Consultants has included wine tap systems in many of our restaurant projects, so contact a restaurant consultant today if you would like guidance with kegged wine at your restaurant.

Photo via Free Flow Wines