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Valentine's Day Menu

Some restaurant consultant approved ideas for a romantic Valentine's Day meal

By David Kincheloe - February 12, 2018

It's Valentine's Day this week, and we're watching all of the Denver restaurants prepare with prix fixe menus and full reservation slots. Whether you're a restaurant looking to add some last-minute Valentine's Day specials to your menu offerings, or a food lover determined to put together a perfect romantic dinner for someone special, our restaurant consultants love these ideas:

Sure they're the colors of love, but red and pink add a certain brightness to an otherwise dreary month, and that's why we love Saveur's list of red and pink cocktails, the perfect inspiration for a Valentine's Day happy hour. Of course, wine is often considered the drink for romance, so before you reach for the mixed drinks, consider this VinePair guide as well.

Valentine's Day should be a leisurely evening, enjoying delicacies that are thoughtfully crafted and expertly paired. That's why we like this inventive list of appetizers from Taste of Home, which includes a unique blend of tastes and presentation.

Main Course
For your main meal, consider something decadent. Normally, a Valentine's Day main course would include an expensive cut of meat, and you certainly can't go wrong there. But our restaurant consultants have also tried--and were blown away by--Smitten Kitchen's mushoroom bourguignon, perfect for the special vegetarians in your life, or just for those in search of something new and delicious.

From cute and flirty to unbelievably rich, Delish's list of more than 50 Valentine's Day desserts is bound to inspire your creativity for that final touch on your menu. A Valentine's Day dessert should encourage lingering, maybe with another bottle of wine; and it doesn't hurt to tie-in a romantic nod or two. 

For more ideas for menus and restaurant specials, contact a restaurant consultant today.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash