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3 Thanksgiving Tips

NRC's Chef-in-Residence offers up best advice for a smooth, enjoyable Thanksgiving

By Sarah Ann Noel - November 20, 2017

This Thursday, in the United States, it is Thanksgiving, a holiday that will bring families and friends together, and, for many, signals the beginning of the holiday season. Most restaurants scale down on Thanksgiving, if they are open at all; but since the whole day is centered around the meal, we still thought our consultants could have a lot of advice to offer.

Sure enough, our chef-in-residence had three big tips for all of those in charge of cooking this year's Thanksgiving feast for their families. The key? It's planning ahead; so if you're the cook this year, your Thanksgiving starts today!

1. Chop and prep by Wednesday evening. It takes a lot going at once to finish a big Thanksgiving menu in a house-sized kitchen. Whether for your own sanity, or to aid others in playing sous-chef, it will pay off big to have the chopping done ahead of time. Look at your recipes, wash and prep the produce, even sort out the spices; then seal and label it all. When it's go-time on Thursday, you've got ready-made ingredients waiting to bring your recipe together.

2. Thaw your turkey! Sure, it seems like a no-brainer. But if your turkey is even just a little bit frozen in the middle, it'll come out of the oven that way. Play it safe, give it an extra day or two. Take the turkey out of the freezer NOW! And, it's a good idea to have a high-quality meat thermometer on-hand.

3. Serving bowl designation. To avoid chaos in the kitchen, or pots and pans on the table, take a look at your serving inventory now. Consider all of your dishes and designate those items to the serving bowls and platters a day or two beforehand. Using sticky notes, specify what food will go where so that it can be plated and whisked to the table still steaming hot.

How do you prepare for Thanksgiving? Are you the one in charge of the meal this year, or are you kicking up your feet until it's time to eat? We at National Restaurant Consultants wish all of our American clients and friends a very happy Thanksgiving. May it be a wonderful time of reflection, gratitude, and celebration for you and your loved ones.

Photo by +Simple on Unsplash