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Le Procope Paris

Our restaurant consultants visit the oldest restaurant in Paris.

By Sarah Ann Noel - October 16, 2017

Recently, National Restaurant Consultants president David Kincheloe took a trip to Paris; and during his time there, he made it a point to visit Le Procope, the oldest restaurant in Paris. Founded in 1686, the restaurant has hosted such guests as Napolean Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin, and Voltaire. It has, at different times in history, been a haunt for the literary elite; a rendevouz point during the French Revolution; and now, almost a museum--encased in glass is Napolean Bonaparte's hat, among other artifacts and treasures.

The menu, though not extensive, covers the bases of classic French cooking. Kincheloe made it a point to ask about the oldest recipe still on the menu and wound up tasting the centuries old calf's head soup. 

Always a treat to check out local fare in cities around the world, especially when there is such a storied history attached to a space. Our restaurant consultants make it a point to know about popular restaurants in all major cities, and can use this knowledge to help you build a lasting brand. Contact us today!