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Somiatruites in Catalonia

A Michelin-star hotspot tucked into the small town of Igualada

By Sarah Ann Noel - September 4, 2017

Our restaurant consultants travel all over the world for business and for pleasure; and recently one of our consultants toured through the northern corner of Spain, called Catalonia. In a small town, Igualada, just north of Barcelona, she stumbled upon a Michelin-star rated restaurant, Somiatruites

The space, designed by Xavier Andrés, is the perfect combination of modern--with exposed brick and clean lines--with rustic touches that nod to the Catalan culture. Head chef, David Andrés, a graduate of the Hoffman School, has won many awards across Spain and Europe for his visionary dishes and expert skill. 

Our consultant's favorite dish was the "False Stracciatella." Upon first glance, it looks like a creamy gelato dessert; but it is actually a house-made burrata topped with mushroom, and filled beneath the surface with cherry tomatoes and rich olive oil. It is a playful presentation with outstanding flavor. Pictured above, the salmon and black rice. The menu changes daily, with a few standing dishes, so you never know what treasure might be in store.

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